PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: air purifiers

Recent concerns regarding various types of pollutions and degrading air quality have made everyone more interested in products and devices that filter and clean up air to live in a more safely breathable environment. With many of us spending more time indoors than ever before, it is crucial that we can maintain a healthy environment free from harmful particles and pollutants.

Information on Air Pollution (Diagram)

So, how do air purifiers fix this problem?

In simple terms air purifiers sanitise the air, similar to how you wash your hands or brush your teeth – an air purifier will clean harmful substances from the air around you.

Air purifiers are equipped with a fan and one or more filters. A simple setup indeed but it is rather effective. The fan within the device pulls in outside air which is then passed through the filters – capturing any pollutants and unwanted particles and neutralizing their negative impact. Then the fresh, clean air flows back into the environment for you to breathe safely and healthily.[2]

Which filters should my air purifier use?

Many types of filters have a variety of different uses. A HEPA filter is arguably the most important – standing for “high-efficiency particulate air”.

It is extremely effective at trapping tiny particles that would usually pass through other filters. HEPA filters are known to trap at least 99.5% of smoke, mould, dust, and other harmful particles. This is the same type of filter you would be able to find in a high-quality vacuum cleaner.

Other filter types such as carbon, charcoal & ozone are great at capturing and cleansing odours but are less effective when it comes to protecting against or purifying generally polluted air. Ionic/ionisation filters can also remove small particles such as dust/smoke but have the downside of producing ozone meanwhile UV sterilising filters can kill viruses and bacteria, but the effectiveness rate is not extremely high.

For a basic household, an air purifier with a HEPA filter should suit your needs and will help you to improve the air quality of your home to a high standard.[2]

Are air purifiers effective?

While air purifiers cannot guarantee that 100% of all pollutants will be removed from the air, there will be a significant positive difference in the quality of the air within the realm of your air purifier.[3]

Using an air purifier alongside ventilation systems and ceiling fans is a fantastic way to maintain a consistent healthy environment inside your home or office.

Which Air Purifiers do we recommend?

Best Budget Air Purifier: Fanco Fusion

The Fanco Fusion Air Purifier has a unique dual-use design including both air purification and cooling fan functions. Containing an H13 HEPA filter, this air purifier covers an area of 16m2 and is perfect for removing harmful particles and odours from bedrooms and smaller living spaces.


Best Premium Air Purifier: Panasonic NanoeTM X

The NanoeTM X Air Purifier by Panasonic is the latest and greatest when it comes to the air purification market. With innovative technology including a HEPA filter, deodorising filter as well as a Digital PM2.5 indicator & odour sensor, this product is the best in the market for its high-quality features.

The NanoeTM X also features a sleek “superellipse” design that is sure to fit nicely into the décor of and home living spaces. Capable of handling room sizes of up to 95m2, this product can be used in large living areas and office buildings to help maintain a high quality, healthy internal environment.

Panasonic F-PXU70M air purifier

Best Overall Air Purifier: Fanco Bright

The best overall rated air purifier is none other than the Fanco Bright Smart Air Purifier. This product packs a punch with many fantastic features such as a HEPA 13 filter, air quality indicator and SMART control capabilities. The 3-stage filtration system including the HEPA 13 filter works to capture and cleanse 99.5% of all airborne particles which include pollen, dust, smoke, mould spores, and odours within your living space.

The Fanco Bright air purifier includes an air quality indicator ring located at the top and it will shine blue for good, orange for average, and red for the bad quality of air. This allows you to get an idea about the quality of your indoor environment with just a quick glance. And with the inclusion of SMART control via the Tuya app on your smart device you can quickly and easily control the air purifier from anywhere inside your house/building. With an area coverage of 50m2 and a clean air change rate of 400m3/hr, this air purifier is an ideal choice for any regular to large living spaces where you want to ensure high-quality, breathable air.



Air purifiers are nowadays an essential item to any home or building space that aims to maintain a high standard of air quality. Modern air purifiers are fantastic at their job, and with such high efficiency rates you can be sure that your air is going to be cleaner than ever before.

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