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Air Curtains

Air Curtains,or air doors, are a great solution for anyone who needs to maintain different temperatures in adjoining areas.They prevent the cool air from escaping in Summer and keep the warm air in in Winter. Easily installed over a doorway, they create an invisible barrier of air which moderates airflow between two spaces. Air Curtains also prevent dust, insects and other pollutants from passing through doorways from an outside area. Air Curtains are a great alternative to physical barriers because they leave the walkway clear for free movement and don’t obstruct the line of vision between spaces. They are a popular choice for businesses in the food and hospitality industry where it is necessary to keep climate conditions separate for hygienic reasons. They are also a great option for hospitals, laboratories, offices, banks and retailers. They are also an effective means of controlling temperature in greenhouses.

We currently stock units ranging from 900mm-2000mm in size.