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Cooling Fans

Feel hot? Cool down with Universal Fans Australia's range Cooling of Fans. You can choose from different styles like pedestal or wall units. Their fans feature handy controls so you can adjust the airflow to your liking. Quiet yet strong motors produce cooling breezes to chill your space. With durable designs made to last, Universal's adjustable fans aim to beat the heat with superior performance. Trust their high-quality fans to give you the cool comfort you want.

Wall Fans

Universal Fans Australia offers wide range of wall fans to fit any space. Choose compact 400mm models for small rooms. Or go big with 750mm fans for large warehouses and patios. Quiet, energy-efficient motors give you cool breezes without noise or high energy bills. Easily adjust the speed and angle. Set timers to match your schedule. The smart designs make installation a cinch. Use them indoors or outdoors. With excellent warranties and easy controls, these fans keep any home or workspace cool in style.

Pedestal Fans

Universal Fans Australia offers pedestal fans that feature multi-blade designs on corrosion resistant frames with oscillating heads that pivot 90 degrees to circulate air around the room. You can choose sizes from 400mm to 600mm and adjust the height from 132cm to 142cm as well as the tilt. Aerodynamically designed blades and powerful motors provide you with strong airflow while maintaining quiet operation. Convenient preset modes like Sleep, Natural, and Normal plus timers allow you to customize cooling and airflow. Safety grilles protect fingers while delivering cooling breezes that you can position to your liking within a space. With a warranty backing them, Universal's pedestal fans give you customizable, powerful airflow to beat the heat.