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Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are energy efficient and cost effective. To get the most out of a fan you need to make sure you select the right fan for your application. The size of the room is an important factor along with the fan’s material, blade pitch and size. Our clients find that as a specialist fan shop, our staff have the knowledge to help guide them to find a solution for their needs.

We can help you with solutions to all your ceiling fan needs. We come with years of fan expertise and supply a huge variety of ceiling fans. Our range of products include fans from quality brands that cover everything from mini to extra large fans, fans for low ceilings and high ceilings, tropically inspired to the more traditional styled right up to modern and designer and everything in between. Whether your project is a home DIY project or a large commercial project, we have the knowledge and product range to assist you.

Understanding Ceiling Fan Sizes

The right size is important for a ceiling fan. It helps with good airflow indoors or outdoors. The size is measured by blade span in centimetres. For more tips on picking the right size, check our guide here. At Universal Fans Australia, we have many sizes to choose from.

Style and Finish

Check out our wide range of stylish ceiling fans. They are available in various styles and finishes to suit different room themes. You can choose from finishes like white, black, or wood. These options enhance the look of your space.

Energy Efficient

Our ceiling fans are a smart choice for energy savings. Select models come with Energy Efficient DC motors and controls. This feature helps lower your fan operating costs.

Popular Brands

We house the best and most popular ceiling fan brands to cater to diverse preferences. These include Aeratron, Airborne, Brilliant, Claro, Calibo, Domus, Eglo, Fanco, Hunter Pacific, Mercator, Ventair, Vento, and Three Sixty. They feature unique designs and performances. Find the perfect fan that meets your needs.

Expert Advice

At Universal Fans Australia, our fan experts can help you choose the right ceiling fan. Our team can guide you on fan size, type, and energy efficiency based on your needs. For more information, visit our Info & Tips page or contact us.