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Heat Recovery Ventilation

Heat Recovery Ventilation Units provide a constant source of fresh air to homes while extracting moist and stale air. HRV units enable buildings to retain its existing heat, unlike passive vents or windows. They use an internal heat exchanger which transfers heat energy from the outgoing airstream to the incoming airstream.  As a result, households using heat recovery significantly reduce the energy costs associated with heating. Heat Recovery Ventilation Units create a self-contained environment where the air is kept at a constant temperature.

Centralised Vs Decentralised Heat Recovery Systems

The biggest difference between centralised and decentralised heat recovery systems is their capability. Decentralised systems are also known as “single-room” systems. Their design is intended for smaller areas, including apartments. For new building projects, we suggest incorporating centralised heat recovery into sustainable design. This type of system can service larger homes and some commercial properties. Both types of heat recovery need to be installed in an airtight environment. 

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