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Eglo Ceiling Fans

Welcome to our range of Eglo Ceiling Fans. Featuring popular models such as the Nevis, Noosa, Tourbillion and the Bondi. At Universal Fans we stock a wide range of Eglo fans available for purchase in Australia. These fans are renowned for their quality and popular design.

(1) $399.00
(1) $399.00

Fan Colour and Finishing Options

Check out our Eglor Ceiling Fan colours and finishes to find what you like. Want a modern look? Try White. For a bold style, go with Black. Silver is cool and modern, while Timber has a natural feel. For an old-school, classy vibe, pick Brass or Bronze. And if you like a simple, organic look, we have Natural Colour Options too. Each colour can make your project look better. Shop now to find the perfect fan colour for your project!

Browse Extensive Fan Diameter Size Range

Check out our Eglo Ceiling Fan sizes for all your fan needs. Pick Small Diameter Fans that are under 48", Regular Fans with 48"-54", or Large ones with over 54" sizes to find the right fan. Need help with fan sizing? Visit our Info and Tips Page. Our fan experts are here to help.

Choose Your Fan Blade Material

Explore Eglo ceiling fan blade materials to find the right one for your project. Go for Plastic if you want something light, long-lasting, and easy to clean. Choose Timber to bring a cosy, natural feel to your room. Or select Metal for a sturdy, sleek look, great indoors or out. Every material is made for quality performance. Find the best blade for your design!

Choose Your Fan Lighting Setup

Explore lighting options with our Eglo Ceiling Fans. Want built-in lights? Go for Ceiling Fans with Lights. For easy bulb changes, pick Integrated E27 Light Fitting. Choose Light Adaptable if you plan to add lights later. If you prefer fan-only models, opt for No Light. We also have Separate Light Models for custom lighting.

AC and DC Fan Motor Configurations

Our Eglo ceiling fans come with two motor options - AC and DC. AC motors are direct power users and control speed with frequency adjustments, known for strong airflow and long life. DC motors are energy-savers, changing power levels to control speed and electric flow, saving more energy than usual fans. They're quieter and come with many remote control speed settings. Both motors are dependable. Find what suits your project!

Installation Location

Eglo ceiling fans have different models for different installation locations. Indoor fans are good for closed spaces, making rooms comfy. Outdoor fans are great for covered outside areas, standing up to weather while keeping you cool. Near the sea? Coastal fans handle humid or salty air, perfect for seaside homes. Each fan type is made to work well where it's placed. Shop now to find the right fan for your project location!