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Air / Heat Transfer Kits

Air Transfer Information
Take advantage of our pre-packaged air transfer kits that we’ve conveniently put together complete with everything you need to DIY install your very own air / heat transfer kit. These kits include quality European inline fans, insulated ducting and all the vents and accessories you should need. You can also choose to add an optional thermostat however these will require an electrician.
These systems use very little power, about 10 times less than an electric heater. This is important for energy conservation, lowering running costs and for people who generate their own electricity.

Air / Heat Transfer Kits: We have put together some air / heat transfer kits to make it easier for you to get all the products you need to build your air/heat transfer system. If you need anything extra we have spare parts and accessories. Simply select the number of rooms you will be utilising. If you need further assistance please contact us.