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Ceiling Exhaust Fans

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Ceiling Exhaust Fan is one of the most popular methods of ventilating a room. When choosing one, consider the capacity (airflow) required – usually based on the room size and its use. Secondly what hole-size is required (especially if replacing an existing fan), and thirdly does the fan need to be able to connect to ductwork.

Definition: A ceiling exhaust fan, as the name suggests, is an exhaust fan that is mounted on a ceiling. These fans expel air upwards through the ceiling and can be exhausted into the roof cavity or ducted to be exhausted to the outside.

Ceiling Exhaust Fans: Top Choice for Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Feel stuffy in your bathroom? Our Ceiling Exhaust Fans provide fresh air. They quickly remove humidity, odours, and irritants. As the Top Bathroom Fan retailer, we offer many ducted and non-ducted models. We have many options for any bathroom size. Customers love how easily our fans install. They also enjoy the user-friendly controls. Browse our collection of high-powered yet quiet fans. Find the perfect fit to make your bathroom more comfortable. Give your bathrooms space to breathe again!

Highlighted Features, Sizes, and Material Composition:

We have fan options for 100mm to 375mm duct outlet sizes. From small to large ceiling holes, we cover them all! Our fans use durable glass, metal or plastic materials. Some models have Energy-Saving LED Lights. Others have Light and Heat Packages. We are here to help you with your unique ventilation needs. Find the perfect fit and the best features for your space!

Popular Brands

We offer a lot of premium brands such as Martec. Their exhaust fans blend performance and style. They also work well in bathrooms both small and large. The fans match modern decor. Some models have LED lights for looks and energy savings. Sleek-looking Martec fans refresh bathroom air. They remove moisture, odours and heat. Check out these popular, efficient and stylish Martec Exhaust Fans!

Choosing the Best Bathroom Exhaust Fan

As the top exhaust fan provider, we help you expertly upgrade your space. Our many ducted and non-ducted fans allow you to match unique airflow and size. When installing, make the duct path short and straight to maximise efficiency. Measure the hole carefully if replacing an old fan. Position away from showers to reduce moisture and heat buildup. Use our Bathroom Exhaust Fan Buying Guide or Exhaust Fan Calculator to get a perfect long-lasting, high-performing bathroom exhaust fan.

How Do Bathroom Exhaust Fans Work?

Ceiling-mounted fans vent impurities upwards - either into your attic or outside through ductwork.

What’s the Best Way to Clean an Exhaust Fan?

Turn off the power. Remove the cover. Gently wipe the blades and housing. Vacuum any dust.

When Should I Replace My Bathroom Fan?

When it becomes noisy, doesn't vent properly anymore, or is over 10 years, it's time to replace your bathroom exhaust fan.

What Do I need to install an Exhaust Fan?

To install, you’ll need to cut a hole in the ceiling, secure the housing, connect ductwork if needed, and ensure proper electrical connections.

Can exhaust fans reduce humidity?

Yes, by efficiently removing moist air, bathroom exhaust fans actively reduce humidity levels.

Are new exhaust fans energy efficient?

Many modern bathroom exhaust fan models are designed specifically to be energy efficient - moving air effectively while consuming less power.

What if I have a small bathroom?

For smaller bathrooms, compact exhaust fan models are available to suit tight spaces but still ventilate effectively.

Is ducting necessary for bathroom exhaust fans?

Some fans can vent into attics, but ducting the moist air outside is highly recommended to prevent moisture buildup and mould.

Can I control my fan remotely?

Select smart models can be controlled by remote, allowing you to turn on/off and adjust fan speed, lighting, heating, and more!