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We can help you with solutions to all your exhaust fan and ventilation needs. We come with years of expertise in this industry and supply exhaust fans Australia wide (we have a huge variety!). Our range of products include all the fans and accessories for your ventilation installation. Whether your project is a home DIY project or a large commercial project, we have the knowledge and product range to assist you. Home of the biggest brands including Ventair Exhaust Fans & Fanco Exhaust Fans.

Choose Quality & High Performance

Need efficient and reliable exhaust fans? Our models are energy-efficient, durable, and designed for Australia’s diverse climates. Select models include integrated CCT LED lights and European-made motors. Take advantage of superior quality and performance. Shop now!

Easy Fan Selection & Sizing

Here at Universal Fans, we understand that every project is unique. That is why we have a fan for each of your project requirements. Unsure about your choice? Our sizing, selection guides and calculator are available to make it easier for you. Need a hand? Our fan experts are ready to help. Trust us to help you complete your project with confidence.

Stylish Exhaust Fans

Revamp your spaces with our cool exhaust fans. They come in lots of colours and are designed to match your room’s design. They make your space look and feel great. Ready for an upgrade?

Types of Exhaust Fans Available

  • Ceiling Exhaust Fans: Great for bathrooms, pulling out stale air.
  • Wall Exhaust Fans: Handy for small spaces.
  • Window Exhaust Fans: Easy to fit in tight spots.
  • Roof Exhaust Fans: Perfect for big spaces like warehouses.
  • Ceiling Fans with Lights: Light up your room while keeping it fresh.
  • Ceiling Fans with Light and Heat: Keep your room ventilated and well-lit.
  • Inline Fans: Quiet and great for pulling air through ducts.
  • Externally Mounted Fans: Quiet fans that are great for commercial setup.

Popular Brands and Their Unique Features

  • Fanco: Quiet and saves energy.
  • Ventair: Stylish and creative.
  • Ventair Airbus: A sub-product of Ventair, sleek and strong.
  • Fantech: Tough for big spaces.
  • Vortice: Reliable and top-quality.
  • Elicent: Stylish and versatile.
  • IXL: Packed with cool new features.

Fast & Free Australia-wide Delivery on Orders Over $250

Extraction fan and enjoy fast, free delivery across Australia for orders over $250. Save on delivery while getting your extraction fan on time. We can deliver straight to the installation areas of your ventilation projects. This will make the order process easier for you. No matter where your project is in Australia, we ensure your extraction fan reaches you fast.

Commercial Exhaust Fans

Introduce fresh air in busy areas like offices, warehouses, or kitchens with our top-quality commercial exhaust fans. These vent fans clear out odours, smoke, and stale air, bringing in fresh air. These commercial ventilation fans move lots of air, making your space safer and comfy. Check out our wide range of powerful high-capacity fans for your large-area projects. With many options, finding the perfect fan for your commercial space is easy.

Residential Exhaust Fans

Improve your residential ventilation projects with our exhaust fans. Our wide range of fans is perfect for residential kitchens and bathrooms. Reliable and sturdy, they help ward off mould and maintain fresh air. We have models that are perfect for any household ventilation needs. Meet your client’s home improvement solutions. Shop now!

Exhaust Fans with Round and Square Covers

Having problems with finding the right shape cover for your exhaust fans? With Universal Fans, you have the choice,  choose between round and square covers for your style. Find your fan with your choice of cover shape today!

Exhaust Fan Material

Pick your style! Our exhaust fans come in sleek glass, sturdy metal, or handy plastic. You can choose economical or practicality, select what suits you best.

Exhaust Fans with LED Lights

Light up your spaces while keeping the air fresh with our exhaust fans with LED lights. A brilliant mix of functionality and design. Excellent cost efficiency combining the two fan features.

Exhaust Fans with LED Lights and Heater

Get ventilation, lighting, and warmth all in one. Take advantage of all the features for your rooms without any compromise.

Fans for Different Ceiling Hole Sizes

Our exhaust fans fit a variety of ceiling hole sizes. Avoid stress in your fan installation. Find the fan that fits your size requirements.

Exhaust Fans for Different Ducting Sizes

We have many in-line exhaust fan options for different ducting sizes. Select the one that  will match your diameter. From small to large sizes, we have them here!

Choose Universal Fans Australia

Choose the best exhaust fans for your ventilation project. Our range combines durability, efficiency, and style. We are ready to help you throughout your project. Shop now and introduce fresh air to your rooms! 



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Bring in your plans for one of our consultants to analyse or speak to them over the phone or email. Get advice on your fan project so you know you are getting the right exhaust fan system for your custom application. We are a one-stop shop, helping you design an exhaust solution to your ventilation and cooling needs as well as supplying you with quality and affordable products for your project. You may be an architect, builder, electrician or house owner – you will get a great service here at Universal Fans!
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Exhaust Fan Product Range

There are many exhaust fan solutions available in our range with varying style and functionality that will best perform for your specifications. Ventilation of bathrooms, toilets, kitchens and the like is highly important for everyday use and well-being. Our range includes ceiling exhaust fans, window exhaust fans, wall exhaust fans, roof exhaust fans, in-line exhaust fans, external wall fans and many more. 

Ducted Exhaust Systems

If exhaust fans are ducted out then consideration should be given to the fact that the air capacity of the exhaust fan will be affected by the length, size and layout of the duct used. Equally, wall vents will also affect air capacity. The location of the exhaust fan will also determine its effectiveness. Choosing an exhaust fan is not a simple matter and many find that their fan does not do an adequate job. Therefore to make sure you are satisfied with your your ventilation solution, use our information and tips as well as talking to one of our experienced consultants.

How to calculate Exhaust fan capacity?

Once you have calculated your room size by multiplying its length by width by height (to give you a figure in cubic meters), you can multiply this with the number of air changes for the room type. We would recommend air changes of 13-15/hr for a bathroom/toilet and approximately 20-30/hr if you are concerned about a lot of steam in the bathroom.

Complementing Your Interior Design

Most exhaust fans are available in both white so as to blend in with white bathroom ceiling or walls, and in aluminum (or brushed aluminium) to complement modern chrome bathroom fittings. There are several designs that can complement your room with the fan face and grille coming in traditional styles for replacement projects to the more sleek designs for modern development.

how to choose exhaust fans?

Also known as an “extractor fan”, an exhaust fan should be chosen for its effectiveness, as well as its looks. Questions such as; Where do you want the fan to be mounted? Is ducting needed? Is noise a concern? Is there an existing hole? What look do you want? Contact us to help narrow down your options.