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Ceiling Fans With Lights

Our wide range of ceiling fans with lights includes models that come with dedicated LED panels and lights that accommodate popular traditional globes such as E27 edison screw style. It is very popular for bedrooms and can be a very convenient replacement if you already have a light that you wish to replace with a fan and light unit. View our complete range below.

ETA Mid February
ETA Mid February

Why Choose a Ceiling Fan with Lights?

Ceiling fan with Lights offers dual functionality -providing both cooling and lighting in one package unit. This simplifies your cooling and lighting needs, eliminating the necessity for separate lighting installation and saving space. See our fan options to help improve your decor, design, and projects.

LED (Light Emitting Diode)

LED technology is featured in some of our smart ceiling fans with lights. This feature provides energy-efficient lighting, unlike traditional bulbs. LED lights use less electricity, cutting down your energy bills. They also last longer, minimising frequent replacements. In addition, the LED lights in these models don't add heat to the room, making the fan cool more efficiently.

Colour Changing Technology (CCT) LED

Some of our ceiling fans with lights and remotes have CCT LED features. The controller lets you change the light from warm to cool, perfect for any time or event. Browse our fan collection with the CCT feature!

Ceiling Fan with Light and Remote Control

Upgrade your room or space with ceiling fans with lights and remote. Our select fan models with advanced LED and CCT features can take control of your room's mood without getting up. Their remote controllers can change the fan's speed as well as the warmth or coolness of the light. Overall, they are excellent choices for anyone who appreciates comfort, ease, and Smart technology.

Perfect Fit

The dual function of our ceiling fan with lights and remote control is perfect for bedrooms, living rooms, and kitchens in Australia. They are also suited for home offices, dining rooms, hallways or any rooms that need cooling and light.

Smart Light Memory Function

Experience the Smart Light Memory function available on select models. This feature keeps your chosen colour and brightness settings after turning off. Enjoy consistent lighting that always adjusts to your preferred ambience. Explore models that remember your unique preferences.

Basic Maintenance

Simple maintenance helps the fan's LED last longer and avoid frequent replacement. If you notice dimming or flickering, you may need a replacement. When replacing lighting components, adhere to the manufacturer's guide on wattage and type. For those with dimmable features, ensure the replacement bulb is also dimmable. These steps will help your ceiling fan's light work better and last longer.


Selecting a Ceiling Fan with Lights gives you features like LED lighting in some models. These fans light up rooms and are easy on the eyes. Simple maintenance helps the LED last longer, making these fans good and stylish for any room. Look at our selections to find the right one for your space.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s):

  • What does LED stand for?
  • LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. It's a kind of light source made of semiconductors. When electricity flows through it, it emits light. LEDs are famous for saving energy and have a long life span.

  • Why choose LED lighting in ceiling fans?
  • LED lights are energy-saving, last longer than regular bulbs, and give off less heat. This makes them a good combination for ceiling fans with light.

  • Is LED lighting expensive?
  • LED lighting in ceiling fans may add more to the total cost. However, they also last longer and are energy efficient. Over time, this will reduce your energy bills and replacement costs making them a cost-effective choice.

  • Are LED lights dimmable?
  • Yes, many LED lights in ceiling fans, especially those in modern ones, come with a dimmable feature. Check the specifications of the fan model for dimming functionality.

  • Where can I buy replacement LED lights?
  • You can buy them from electrical shops, online stores, or ceiling fan dealers. Check the specifications of the LED before buying.

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