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Mercator Ceiling Fans

Mercator Ceiling Fans include popular models such as the City, Grange, Trinidad, Caprice and Flinders. Mercator, a company who began life as a lighting manufacturer, have been producing ceiling fans for many years and now have one of the biggest ranges on offer in Australia.

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Mercator Fan Features

Mercator ceiling fans are renowned for their diverse range of styles, from modern to traditional, catering to various interior designs. They are energy-efficient, reducing electricity costs, and many models feature integrated LED lighting for combined illumination and airflow. These fans offer remote control functionality for ease of use, and a reversible motor for year-round comfort. Constructed with high-quality materials like timber, metal, and ABS plastic, they ensure durability and are available in a variety of sizes to fit different spaces. Known for their quiet operation and designed for easy installation, Mercator fans are functional and stylish choices for any home.

FAQ Section:

  • What colour options are available for Mercator Ceiling Fans?
  • Mercator offers fans in white, black, silver, timber, and brass/bronze.

  • What sizes do Mercator Ceiling Fans come in?
  • They are available in small (under 48"), regular (48"- 54"), and large (over 54" diameter).

  • Do Mercator fans come with lighting options?
  • Yes, including models with integrated lights, light adaptable models, fans without lights, and separate light models.

  • What types of motors are used in Mercator Ceiling Fans?
  • Mercator offers fans with reliable AC motors and Energy-Efficient DC motor options.

  • Are there SMART control options for Mercator Ceiling Fans?
  • Yes, the Mercator Ikuu DC Ceiling Fan Series are well known for their modern and SMART control features.

  • Can Mercator Ceiling Fans be used outdoors?
  • Yes, there are models rated for outdoor use, including fully undercover, damp rated, wet rated, and coastal conditions.

  • Is installation of Mercator Ceiling Fans difficult?
  • Installation varies by model; it's advisable to follow the provided instructions or consider professional installation for complex models.

  • Are Mercator Ceiling Fans Energy Efficient?
  • Many models, especially those with DC motors, are designed for energy efficiency.