Subfloor Ventilation For Your Underfloor Project

We can help you with solutions to all your subfloor ventilation needs. We come with years of expertise in this industry and supply subfloor fans and complete solutions. Protect your home and your family’s health by making sure you have adequate ventilation under your home. Moisture and dampness in the home, a musty smell or a home susceptible to mould are all possible signs of problems with your underfloor ventilation. Subfloor ventilation kits provide an effective solution for this ineffective movement of air under your home.

The basic principle behind sub floor ventilation is to expel the moisture laden air found in your sub floor area and replace it with fresh air. Typically this is achieved with the installation of multiple, passive vents around the perimeter of the sub floor area.

Sometimes this may not be sufficient and it may be necessary to supplement these vents with mechanical ventilation. At Universal Fans we offer a range of pre packaged inline fan kits designed to provide some mechanical assistance with extracting air. As well as providing these ‘DIY’ options we are also able to tailor systems based on your requirements.


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Bring in your plans for one of our consultants to analyse or speak to them over the phone or email. Get advice on your fan project so you know you are getting the right exhaust fan system for your custom application. We are a one-stop-shop, helping you design an exhaust solution to your ventilation and cooling needs as well as supplying you with quality and affordable products for your project. You may be an architect, builder, electrician or house owner – you will get a great service here at Universal Fans!

Sub Floor Product Range

Our range of products include all the fans and accessories needed for your ventilation installation. Whether your project is a home DIY project or a large commercial project, we have the knowledge and product range to assist you. There are various kits available to suit a broad range of subfloor areas. We will customise a solution specific to your needs, just contact us to speak to one of our experienced consultants or if you know what you need, simply view our product range and speak to one of our sales consultants.

Sub Floor Installation Tips

The ideal situation for your subfloor installation is for the air to flow across (cross-ventilation), under the house to best ventilation the subfloor. Some typical mistakes when it comes to subfloor ventilation installation is having too few or no vents, vents that are too small or blocked and having vents only on one side of the house. Our subfloor ventilation solutions provide fan assisted ventilation to help keep your home healthy. Although a good ventilation system beneath your home will minimise moisture accumulation, it is best to identify any cause of water accumulation and try to resolve that issue as well.

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