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Roof Ventilation
roof ventilation

Roof ventilation systems are designed to remove the excess heat and moisture from a roof space and exhaust it outside. We have a selection of roof ventilators and kits for you to choose from depending on your situation. Inadequate roof ventilation will result in the build up of trapped heat in your roofspace, which on hot days can radiate down through the ceiling. This means a warmer living space and a big air conditioning bill! By reducing the amount of heat in your roofspace your air conditioner will operate more efficiently and your living space will be cooler.

Lack of roof ventilation can also lead to other issues such as poor air quality which can become a breeding ground for mould. View our range of solutions below, including solar powered fans and mains powered fans. Want to read more? Take a look at our ‘Roof Ventilation – What you need to know’ article!

ETA Mid January
(4) $820.00
ETA Mid December
(1) $269.00
3660 m3/hr
(1) $971.00
(1) $516.00