SolarXVENT – Solar Powered Ventilator

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The SolarXVENT solar ventilator from Bradford Ventilations is efficient and compact design with an airflow capacity of 195 m3/hr, making it a perfect ventilation solution for small spaces. The SolarXVENT is a solar roof ventilator that helps reduce the temperature and humidity in the roof cavity. When SolarXVENT’s panel is exposed to the sun light the fan is activated, exhausting heat and humidity.  It’s great for homes, sheds, garages &and even workshops. In cooler months, damp air rises into the roof space which could cause potentially damaging condensation. SolarXVENT can help by removing this hot and damp air to reduce the risk of condensation formation to help prevent mould and its effects on allergy and asthma sufferers.

To make the most of its solar panel, ensure that the solar unit faces North as much as possible when it’s installed.

View the PDF below for full installation instructions and guidelines.

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