Eglo Surf DC Ceiling Fan with LED Light – White 52″

Original price was: $449.00.Current price is: $399.00.

The Eglo Surf DC Ceiling Fan spanning 52″ in diameter is an incredibly stylish and practical addition to any home. It is designed with sleek lines and modern technology making it both aesthetically pleasing and efficient. This model comes with a CCT LED making the fan a perfect lighting and cooling solution. It can also be dimmed so you can change the brightness and colour. The three blades of the fan are powered by a direct current motor which runs on just 40 watts, resulting in energy-efficiency as well. The six-speed remote control improves user convenience and allows for quick adjustments anywhere in the fan’s vicinity. A 20-degree pitch angle makes it ideal for mounting on sloped ceilings, and the plastic construction means it can be installed outside and in coastal locations.