Select fan colour for your small room/space


  • When selecting from the wide range of ceiling fans available, it’s a good idea to work to a consistent theme, based on a colour, pattern or finish.
  • Be careful to avoid a room that’s “over-coordinated” as the overall effect can appear cold or impersonal.
  • It’s worth remembering that you will be looking at the fan you choose for quite some time, so it’s wise to choose a fan that you really like, rather than settling for one that you’re not completely happy with.
  • The right fan can not only provide effective cooling benefits, but can also enhance both the look and the value of your home.


  • White fans remain the most popular choice, particularly for those who prefer their fan to “blend in” to the ceiling, rather than standing out as a feature.
  • Black, or dark coloured, fans will generally offer a bold statement to a space, and can provide dramatic contrast to an otherwise white or light-coloured room.
  • Silver (a colour group which includes metal finishes such as brushed aluminium, and satin nickel) also provide effective contrast to a white ceiling, and can be used to help create an “industrial” look.
  • Brass or Bronze coloured fans are commonly chosen to complement a more traditional or conservative type of room, and can add a touch of class to the right room.
  • Timber look fans can offer a modern, and in some cases, a “Scandinavian” style. This category includes real timber and ABS Plastic timber-look models, in a range of colours and shades. Timber look fans can be used to complement timber floors and to enhance a variety of décor styles.