In addition to your consumer guarantees, all of our products come with express manufacturer warranties. The advantages of these warranties are that:

  • The manufacturers normally have dedicated warranty departments that can help installers with anything they are unsure of while installing the product.
  • The manufacturers have replacement parts and items readily available and can get them to you directly, which usually means faster!
  • For ceiling fans (and some other products), all our fans come with manufacturer express ‘in-home’ warranties, which means that where appropriate, the manufacturer will organise a service agent to bring the replacement parts to you, and to do the testing of the faulty product and the replacement on the spot. This means you have no out of pocket expenses, and you only need to make the one warranty claim, and not organise anything else!

Important – If you have had your ceiling fan installed and believe it is faulty, please contact us or the manufacturer immediately and DO NOT remove the fan. If the electrician is still at the premises, ask them to call the warranty line for trouble shooting assistance.

You may therefore prefer to use the direct manufacturer warranty service to handle your warranty claims, however please note that you are not obliged to do so and may forward your warranty claim to us for assistance at any time.