Fanco Bright SMART Air Purifier with HEPA Filter


The Bright Smart Air Purifier by Fanco (APFCBR400WH) is a great solution for improving indoor air quality and detoxifying indoor spaces from dust and odours. Engineered to help you maintain a healthier and cleaner environment, the Bright features 3 stages of filtration including a HEPA 13 filter which work together to intercept and capture 99.95% of airborne particles including dust, pollen, mould spores and odours from circulating your space. Controlled via the easy to read LCD display, the Bright is smart enabled – allowing you to control the unit from your compatible smart device via the Tuya App.

Suited for spaces up to 50m² the Fanco Bright is a modern air purifying unit well suited for medium/large sized rooms such as living rooms and open living spaces.

tt silent spec sheet download Fanco Bright SMART Air Purifier with HEPA Filter Data Sheet

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