Fanco Origin DC Ceiling Fan With CCT LED Light- Black 56″

Original price was: $648.00.Current price is: $598.00.

The Origin DC’s three black blades arch outwards from an elliptical motor in a gentle wave. Integrating an CCT (Colour Changing Technology) LED light does not change the Origin’s size or shape, thanks to a removable cap at the base of the motor. This is integral because, the Origin partly owes its high airflow to its unique shape. Paired with a low-energy DC motor, the Origin’s high functionality creates one of the most efficient ceiling fans in the Fanco range. The Origin DC Ceiling Fan is available in either a black, white or koa finish and measures 56 inches.

This model utilises a DC motor, however it has an internal inverter and is therefore compatible with normal AC electrical systems. It cannot be connected directly to a DC power source.