Airborne Profile DC Ceiling Fan – White with Bamboo Blades 50″

Original price was: $449.00.Current price is: $399.00.

The Airborne Profile Ceiling Fan in White with Bamboo Blades (PDC-350-BA + PDC-350-WH) offers a blend of style, functionality, and energy efficiency that makes it an excellent addition to any indoor space with low ceilings thanks to its sleek appearance. Featuring an overall drop of just 165mm from the ceiling to the blade, the Profile fan is perfect for a variety of spaces with lower-than-average ceilings. Its sleek and compact design combines elegance and excellent performance. The fan is powered by an energy-efficient 26W DC motor, which not only provides great airflow but also reduces energy consumption. The Profile comes with a 6-speed remote control, timer functions and Summer/Winter mode for use all year round, allowing you to customize the airflow according to your preferences and the room’s needs, for maximum comfort and ease. This fan is a great size for small to medium-sized rooms and produces a strong airflow for a low-profile design.

AIRBORNE NOTICE: Airborne is currently in the process of rebranding to Calibo. This means some boxes have been updated with Calibo, whereas some boxes are still branded with Airborne. Rest assured if you receive a Calibo branded product, it is exactly the same model.