SS Silent Mixflow Inline Fan 150mm w/ Lead and Plug + 3 Speed Switch

Original price was: $429.00.Current price is: $379.00.

Extraction Capacity (High Speed): 540 m3/hr (150 l/s)
Motor Type: Silent Mixflow
Ductable: Yes (150mm duct diameter)
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Experience the next level of ventilation excellence with the SS Silent Mixflow Inline Fan 150mm. Designed for unparalleled performance and peace of mind, this advanced inline fan combines cutting-edge features to create a whisper-quiet airflow solution. With its three-speed switch, you have full control over the airflow to suit any environment. The mixflow technology seamlessly blends the benefits of axial and centrifugal airflow, maximizing efficiency and minimizing noise. The casing and impeller are made of high quality and durable plastic. The internal perforation of the casing, combined with the 50mm mineral layer, all contribute to maximise sound absorption – resulting in less audible noise.