The Sensu Punkah by Oliver Kessler – Swinging Ceiling Fan

Pricing from $5000 for 1 unit without light. Please contact us for pricing based on your requirements.

The Sensu Punkah by Oliver Kessler is a gentle unique fan featuring a body unlike any other ceiling fan on the market. The Sensu Punkah is the quintessential result of a 12 year journey. A journey driven by the quest to create nothing less than the best ceiling fan in the world. The swinging fan is perfect for use at home in bedrooms with its sleep timer and silent gentle breeze and is also great for commercial environments such as workplaces and hospitality locations. The fan by Oliver Kessler supports acclimatisation, has an acoustic dampening effect and promotes a calming atmosphere, making it great for café’s, restaurants and offices. The Sensu Punkah prides itself on safety meeting both European CE and Australian SAA standards. The motor automatically stops if a blade blockage is detected.

This fan is available to buy in a White motor with colour options of White, Blue, Red or Black for the fabric on the body.

SPECIAL ORDER PRODUCT MADE IN GERMANY Please contact us for availability or further information.


CUSTOMER NOTICE – This product is currently out of stock & not available for purchase. If you need some advice on alternatives please contact us.