Ventair Sahara 4 in 1 Heater with Remote Control – White

Original price was: $668.00.Current price is: $568.00.

The Sahara features a rectangular LED light panel framed by linear vents. The subtlety of the design is unique among similar products allowing it to fit into a bathroom with a modern aesthetic. This model comes with a remote control system featuring a receiver and hand piece that can handle up to 2500 Watts and 250V 50Hz, enabling easy adjustments from anywhere in the room. The Sahara delivers on functionality measures with a high extraction rate and a high lumen output. Unlike radiant heaters, this fan forced heater will heat the entire room, not just the area directly below it. The LED light is 4000k ‘natural’ white. Impressively the Sahara allows you to use all 4 functions of the model independently of each other (exhaust, led light, heat, fan).

Includes 3m Ducting (Ø150mm), remote control and grille.