Award Winning Vento Swish Ceiling Fan

Universal Fans is proud to introduce the award winning Vento Swish as the latest ceiling fan to join our range. The international iF Design Awards recognised the Swish for its innovative design this year. It was also commended at the Taiwan Excellence Awards.

The iFDesign awards praised the Swish for the combination of its soft blade design and straight lined body. They endorsed the design for its ability to produce airflow without sacrificing peace and quiet.

“When Swish is in motion you barely hear a sound” says the iF Design Awards website.

Air movement is usually the reason a ceiling fan makes noise. Although the Vento Swish has a high airflow, it is extremely quiet.  This is thanks to the continuous looping design of its blades. Its DC motor works with the blades to the achieve the vision of a silent fan.  Using a DC motor and an LED lamp makes the Swish an energy efficient choice.

Karim Rashid

Designer Karim Rashid is responsible for the Vento Swish’s unique look. Mr Rashid is the winner of 12 iF awards. He is also a frequent recipient of awards from the Industrial Designers Society of America and the Chicago Athenaeum Good Design Awards. In 2001, Time magazine crowned him the “Prince of Plastic”. 

A three year collaboration between Mr Rashid, his team and Vento resulted in the Vento Swish. The collaborators set out to make a ceiling fan that would make no sound when it is turned on. They finally unveiled the Swish to the Malaysian market  after trialling four prototypes. At last, it is available for pre-order in Australia through the Universal Fans website.

The Vento Swish is available from Universal Fans in three colours:

  • walnut (black motor)
  • bamboo
  • white (white motor)

We chose these colours because they suit both minimalist and warm palettes of Australian interiors. They will suit decorators with modern tastes and people who want to add a unique twist to their space.