Why Buy A Ceiling Fan From A Ceiling Fan Specialist?

ceiling fan specialist
Hmmm. Seems pretty obvious. Like with anything, by going to a specialist, you are going to get expertise you won’t find elsewhere. However, most people buy their ceiling fans from large hardware stores or lighting stores. There are not too many ceiling fan specialist stores in Australia, however the online trend has given rise to several websites that focus just on ceiling fans, giving people all over the country access to a specialist store. So, why should you choose a specialist store over Bunnings, Masters or a lighting store? 1. Expert staff will help to get the right product for YOU No one wants to get their ceiling fan installed and then realise it only moves a little bit of air as it is designed for a bedroom, when they wanted something powerful for their kitchen! At a specialist store, you can either go in, call them up or even email them and tell them exactly what you are looking for in terms of style, functionality, budget. In fact, most times the sales or customer service staff member will be asking you questions of things you hadn’t even thought of! (Such as whether you have a flat or angled ceiling or how high your ceiling is). Then using all this information, they will be able to guide you to options that best suits all your requirements, and they will make sure that you have any other bits and pieces you might need. No nasty surprises once it’s already installed! 2. You will get a wide selection of models and accessories As a general rule, a specialist store will always have the best and biggest range of products, giving you more options. If you want a plain white fan for a bedroom, you can probably find it anywhere. However if you want something a little different, a specialist store will be able to provide you with options to find something to suit your style, budget and functionality requirements. With ceiling fans, it is also important that you can get any accessories you need, such as extension rods if your ceiling is high, or a T-Hook if you have a ceiling rose, or a remote if you need one. Many of the large hardware and lighting stores don’t carry accessories, so you will either need to buy them from somewhere else (back to a specialist shop!) or you will need to wait for them to order it in. Most ceiling fan models only take the accessories specific to that model, so it is not a matter of finding a ‘universal’ extension rod or remote, because it probably won’t be of any use! 3. You will get personalised service and after service. What is more annoying , when you just have a few questions and will then be ready to buy, than dealing with staff who either can’t answer, make it up, or just never get back to you? Specialist stores depend on clients coming to them for a specific kind of product and therefore need to know what they are talking about. They also need to get your sale. So they will answer your questions, and they will answer them right! You can also be assured that for any issues after the sale, they will be in the best position to help you out with sorting out warranty problems, things that might need to be changed etc. 4. Money, money, money! You might assume that being a specialist store, you will be ripped-off. This is simply not true. These days, consumers are price savvy and all retailers need to be competitive with price. There are many specialist ceiling fan stores online, so you can easily compare prices. Even if a store is small, as they buy and sell lots of fans, they are often able to buy at good prices, and pass those savings on. And if you have seen a product cheaper elsewhere or online, it never hurts to check whether they can match! Most importantly, the biggest thing that will save you money is getting it right the first time. The last thing you want is to have to fork out again because the fan is too loud, doesn’t move enough air, or some other issue. So, in conclusion, buy from those in the know!