Ceiling Fans & Design: Fusing Form & Function

Looking at modern interiors and architecture, the recent pivot to sustainable design is obvious. Professionals use tried and tested techniques to minimise their impact on the environment. These techniques include using recycled materials, maximising window space to allow light in and of course, choosing energy efficient appliances. Now more than ever, modern buildings utilise ceiling fans to enhance their energy efficiency. This should come as no surprise. While heating and air conditioning units demand huge amounts of power, a ceiling fan with reverse functionality reduces a building’s reliance on both.

A Stunning Addition to Your Home: Ceiling Fans For Designers

Modern homeowners want comfort, energy efficiency and striking design. Ceiling fans deliver on all three fronts. They use minimal energy to maintain a pleasant atmosphere. And as the demand for ceiling fans grows, more and more designs enter the marketplace. This significantly increases the likelihood of finding a ceiling fan to complement a space. These days, each ceiling fan casts a very different silhouette. Their shapes can incorporate well defined lines or delicate curves. Our own range of fans is diverse enough to cover a whole palette of colour options and fit into any space.

See For Yourself

Whether you need a sleek and subtle fixture or a bold, beautiful centrepiece we’re available to help you navigate our selection. Our showroom has over 100 fans on display, so please visit to get a sense of our ceiling fans in person. Our friendly staff will be more than happy to assist you with your enquiries.
interior ceiling fan
Greenstone Homes use ceiling fans to great effect in their designs. Image via Greenstone Homes

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