Efficient DIY Heat Transfer Kits From $175!

Take the chill out of the air this winter with an economical air transfer system. You may not realise just how much heat you are wasting when you heat a room. Unless you are an astronaut with a zero gravity room, the heat you produce through a fireplace or heater will rise to the ceiling.

How does a heat distribution system work?

A Heat Transfer System is designed to efficiently distribute this excess heat to other rooms of your home. It does this by exhausting air through a vent in your heat source room and via insulated ducting installed in your ceiling space, transfers this heat to other rooms.

Why choose a Heat Transfer Kit?

These air transfer systems use very little power, about 10x less than an electric heater, therefore if you can successfully warm a room while using the excess heat to take the chill out of the air throughout other rooms in your house, you will have an efficient and economical winter solution.

Whether you have a small or large home, we have a great range of DIY systems available to you. We have packaged together kits for distributing air to one other room, and up to 4 other rooms.

Our Heat Transfer Kits include quality European inline fans, insulated ducting and vents and accessories you will need to complete an installation. We have installed a lead and plug on the inline fan so as long as you have a three point plug available in your ceiling space where the fan will be placed, this system can be DIY installed unless you choose to add an optional thermostat in which case you will require an electrician.