Energy Efficient Eco Motion DC Ceiling Fan Arrives

eco motion
Fanco has released the ‘Eco Motion,’ which is the latest DC ceiling fan on the market. With the focus on energy efficient products in the home today, the range of energy efficient ceiling fans is growing but is currently still limited. Within this range, most models are fairly expensive (DC technology is still dearer to produce) and most are also quite unusual designs and not light adaptable. Here is where the Eco Motion brings a really interesting option to the table. Firstly, it is affordable. Secondly, it has a slim, simple, modern design and comes in white or silver, meaning it will discreetly complement almost any space. Third, it is both light adaptable (meaning you can add any compatible fan light) and comes in a package with its own light, which is also energy efficient as it takes 2 x B22 energy saving globes. Fourth, it comes with a remote control which has 6 speeds and the reverse winter/summer mode function. The best feature of the Eco Motion, however, is that it is very effective, with strong yet quiet air movement. So. This fan will give you energy efficiency, will look good in any space, will give you the airflow you need in either bedrooms or larger spaces where you need lots of air, can be installed with or without a light, and won’t burn a hole in your wallet! Come into our Melbourne store and check it out for yourself! >> View the Eco Motion DC Ceiling Fan with Remote >> View the Eco Motion DC Ceiling Fan with Light and Remote