Living Room Ceiling Fans: Tips and Top Picks

Living Room Ceiling Fans

Living Room Ceiling Fans:  Size

Generally speaking, our customers choose larger sizes for living room ceiling fans – compared to fans for the bedroom. However the correct size for you depends on the size of the room and the area you need to cover. Start by looking at fans between 54 inches and 60 inches – these are larger than standard size. But there are even bigger fans on the market which can add a real “wow factor” to your living room.

Origin DC 56 Living Room Ceiling Fan


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Living Room Ceiling Fans: Airflow

Living rooms usually need ceiling fans with a higher airflow, because this is an area where the whole family will gather with guests. It’s also an area where you’re less likely to notice a little extra noise from air movement – it’s unlikely that you would hear a fan over the sound of a television  for example. At Universal Fans, we consider a fan to be high airflow if it generates an airflow of over 10,000 m3/hr and we provide this information on each of our individual product listing – but have a browse of these high air flow models:

Tempest DC Living Room Ceiling Fans Revolution 3 Living Room Ceiling Fans Spyda

Living Room Ceiling Fans: Style and Colour

There’s no reason you can’t have some fun when you a ceiling fan for your living room. This is is an area where you can style to suit your personality,  Ceiling fans come in a whole range of shapes, sizes and styles- so whether you want something to complement your decor or standout and make a real statement, you will find a ceiling fan to suit your needs. A lot of ceiling fan ranges allow for colour choice within styles – so you really can find a perfect living room ceiling fan that will suit match your room’s look.

Living Room Ceiling Fan Aeratron Range Otten Ceiling Fan Living Room Ceiling Fan Wynd

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Living Room Ceiling Fans: Lights

Depending on your existing lighting in your living room, you might like to choose a ceiling fan with a light. This opens up a whole range of possibilities. Do you want a warm white light or a cooler white light? Would you prefer a light that changes colour? Look for the word CCT on our listings. How bright would you like it to be? Check the listing for the light’s lumens output. And of course, if you want an energy efficient light – choose LED!

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Living Room Swish

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