Nobo Heating – The All New Scandinavian Heaters of Choice

nobo oslo

In the heart of winter we’ve gone above and beyond to build and grow our range of heaters In-store and Online at Universal Fans. It’s time to announce a highly anticipated brand which is a European leader in heating technology – Nobo.

Universal Fans has now introduced the brand Nobo and their ‘Oslo’ Electric Panel Heaters range of comprehensive heating solutions.

The Nobo Oslo range is designed in two versions; the Nobo Oslo Electric Panel Heater with Thermostat and the Nobo Oslo Electric Panel Heater with Thermostat and Timer.

These Nobo Panel Heaters can be flexibly operated behind objects and pieces of furniture as other alternatives have limited capabilities. This line is unique and versatile, appropriate for a diverse range of domestic and commercial spaces. The Oslo range is stunning in design and incorporates its Scandinavian heritage with a slimline look. The range has been produced with the finest European materials to reflect its quality in operation.

The Nobo Oslo Electric Panel Heater with Thermostat is designed to be mounted in a wall fixture or used as a freestanding heater for portable use equipped with four supplied castors. The thermostat is precise with an accurate reading fluctuating only 0.05 °C, with such smooth operation the Oslo range puts you to ease when controlling and monitoring the temperature of the heater. This heater performs at its peak in the coldest of conditions which has been tested and engineered to withstand jaw dropping climates of up to -40°C.

Another heating choice is the Nobo Oslo Electric Panel Heater with Thermostat and Timer which is a silent performer when in operation, maintaining soothing and evenly balanced warmth. The heater is IP24 rated suitable for bathroom and wet area installations. The Oslo Electric Panel Heaters additionally operates in tradition domestic environments such as the living room and bedroom spaces. A timer comes as standard with this model, featuring an LCD screen with two modes; day and night – conveniently used during on/off peak periods of the day, programmable for a 7 day period and setting temperature intervals. The timer is safe to be used around younger kids with a child lock timer.

The Scandinavian heaters come in different wattage options both in the Oslo Electric Panel Heater with Timer and the Oslo Electric Panel Heater with Thermostat and Timer. You’ll be able to find these options in; 700 watts, 1000 watts, 1200 watts, 1500 watts, 2000 watts and 2400 watts.