Top Performing Ceiling Fans

When looking for top performing ceiling fans this can be measured a number of ways whether it’s in regards to efficiency or the level of airflow provided on the highest speed. If searching for an extremely energy efficient fan, start your search by taking a look through our DC Ceiling Fans category. Our DC range are slightly more efficient than a standard AC fan and the average power consumption for fans featuring this technology is around 35W when set on the highest speed. This makes them incredibly efficient to run throughout the summer and will minimise your electricity bill when used simultaneously with your air conditioning. The Aeratron range is particularly impressive with a power usage of around only 4W when on the lowest of 6 speeds and a meagre 18W on the highest making it one of the most energy efficient fans within our range. Aeratron 2 Blade Series Aeratron 3 Blade Series A high-performance ceiling fan will also depend on the level of air movement in conjunction with the energy efficient associated with producing a certain airflow. Overall functionality of a ceiling fan will largely depend on the motor although, there are other contributing factors which include the diameter, style, shape, pitch and material of the blades. Therefore, the best indication would be to compare models based on their airflow figure in m3/hr if available and provided in the listing. To put it into perspective a standard fan will move on average 9000 to 10000 m3/hr however if you’re in the market for a fan with higher airflow you may want to consider the following options. The highest air mover in our range would be the 84” Maelstrom with the ability to move 24,380 m3/hr. However, a fan of this size isn’t suitable for most standard spaces and therefore a few to consider are as follows: The Trident DC 56” moves 14,507 m3/hr while using 24.4W. The Radical DC 60” moves 16,059 m3/hr while using 32W. The Origin DC 56” moves 13,446m3/hr while using 40W. The Urban 2 DC 52” moves 13,560 m3/hr while using 29.4W. Alternatively, if you prefer your fan to be wall controlled consider the Urban 2 AC models which have a similar airflow while using 69W.