Fanco Eco Silent Deluxe DC Ceiling Fan with Wall Control – White 52″

Original price was: $369.00.Current price is: $319.00.

The Fanco Eco Silent Deluxe Ceiling Fan with Wall Control (52-inch, white) rounds out Fanco’s ground-breaking 2021 range as a reimagination of the brand’s most sought after model. After reviewing customer feedback, Fanco have introduced a range of DC fans with hardwired wall controllers, including the Eco Silent Deluxe. Not only does this innovation solve the problems created by flat batteries and lost remotes, it gives you six speeds to choose from – more than most wall-controlled fans. This allows you to adjust the airflow to suit more spaces, including bedrooms and living rooms. The Eco Silent Deluxe also features ABS blades and electrocoated metal components, which means it can even be installed in covered outdoor spaces and coastal areas.

This model utilises a DC motor, however it has an internal inverter and is therefore compatible with normal AC electrical systems. It cannot be connected directly to a DC power source.