Storm DC Ceiling Fan With CCT LED & Remote – White 48″

Original price was: $419.00.Current price is: $369.00.

The Storm ceiling fan is a energy efficient ceiling fan with 6 selectable speeds and remote control. The fan comes with five blades, and can be installed indoors or outdoors in a fully undercover area. Finally this Storm ceiling fan model comes with a slimline 18w Tricolour LED light kit. Choose either the cool, natural or warm white LED.

This model utilises a DC motor, however it has an internal inverter and is therefore compatible with normal AC electrical systems. It cannot be connected directly to a DC power source.

AIRBORNE NOTICE: Airborne is currently in the process of rebranding to Calibo. This means some boxes have been updated with Calibo, whereas some boxes are still branded with Airborne. Rest assured if you receive a Calibo branded product, it is exactly the same model.