New Black Airbus Ceiling Exhaust Fan

black exhaust fan

The Black Exhaust Fan has arrived!

We are pleased to announce the arrival of a black domestic extraction fan. Dark coloured bathrooms are a popular design trend, with dark grey and black tiling being popular additions to the modern bathroom. This has resulted in a need for an extraction fan to compliment this colour scheme.

New to the market is the Ventair Airbus ceiling fan now available in black. The airbus is a popular choice and has been available in a silver and white finish for a number of years now. The introduction of the fan in black means that this is the first domestic exhaust fan that we offer in a black colour. The majority of domestic extraction fans only come in a white or silver finish, so this is a welcome addition for those looking for something a little bit different.

Welcome to the dark side…

The black airbus will be available in two sizes, 200 and 250. It comes in a round or square size, with the option of purchasing a model with integrated LED light also available. The LED model is also available in 200 or 250, meaning we will be offering 8 models in total.

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