The Unanswered Questions Behind Outdoor Ceiling Fans

In the heart of BBQ season in Australia, you will find most people outside on the patio, porch or alfresco area. But with the hot summer weather, how do we stay cool outside? The answer is a ceiling fan – they provide a nice, cool breeze and also keep the flies and mosquito’s away, everything you need to make sitting outside that much more enjoyable!

Most ceiling fans that are designed for indoor use will not be suitable for outdoor installation as moisture may get into the motor or the blades may rust. These days, you are spoilt for choice with outdoor ceiling fans that are able to withstand the elements but also come in a range of sizes and styles that will suit everyone’s preferences. Understanding your environmental conditions is the key to ensuring that your fan performs optimally. Here is a cheat sheet of terminology that will turn you into the outdoor ceiling fan expert:

DAMP RATED: These fans are designed to handle moisture and dampness but not direct exposure to water. They are the perfect fit for a covered outdoor area that does not get directly exposed to rain. Damp rated fans are also great for indoor areas that are exposed to quite a lot of moisture such as laundry rooms.

WET RATED: Fans that are wet rated are able to withstand direct exposure to rain and therefore are a great choice for all outdoor areas, no matter how much it rains.

COASTAL RATED: These fans can handle salt spray and thus are perfect for coastal locations.

IP RATING: IP rating is an international method that describes the protection of a fitting from solid objects or dust. With regards to ceiling fans, this refers to the motor of the fan – you wouldn’t want dust or moisture getting into the motor of your fan!

The first digit in the IP rating refers to the level of protection against solids, things like bugs or dust. The second digit in the rating refers to the level of protection against water. The higher the numbers, the better the protection. For example an IP rating of IP44 means that the fan is protected against solid objects greater than 1.0mm as well as against splashing water from any direction (see picture below). Most wet rated outdoor fans have an IP rating of IP44.

Now that you have the basics of outdoor ratings in your tool belt, all that is left to do it to browse our extensive range of Outdoor Ceiling Fans.